1. Shreecral PS-45
All types of stickers, Bindis, Stock Labels, Sanitary napkins, Paper pads.
2. Shreecryl PS-45 (Super)
All types of stickers, Bindis, Stock Labels, Sanitary napkins, Paper pads.
3. Shreecryl ST-55 / SG
All makes of Bindis and stickers.
4. Shreecral SS-505
Rigid PVC Precoating, PVC, BOPP, (Calilac 13110R Polyester, Cellophane, Alu, -Calico Chemical UK) Foam, Tapes, Stickers, decorative Film backing.
5. Shreecral SS-555
Low tack, medium adhesion value solution polymer for coating Films for surface protection - steel, acrylic sheets, glass etc.
6. Shreecral SS-525
Pressure sensitive acrylic copolymer in solution form for Petroleum, diesel resistant applications in automotive other Applications, high tech slicing tapes, cargo container inner lining with foam & so on.
7. Shreevyl LM-60 MLV
Excellent product for side sealing of BOPP/Polyester or laminated cartons, manually or mechanically.
8. Shreevyl LM-66
Paper labels to plastic bottles, jars, waxed paper to non waxed side sealing, jewel fixing, soap wrapping, PET cartons & uv cartons sealing.
9. Shreevyl N-55C
For high speed cartons sealing lane/light varnish.
10. Shreecryl SM-6
1. Excellent acrylic copolymer for high- (Mowilith DM6 - Hoechst speed soap emulsion for high speed AG Germany) soap wrapping, paints, sand text finish.
2. For manufacture of cartons (big commercial / CFC) on High-speed machine, glue fed through fine nozzles.
11. Shreecryl CS-45
Unique acrylic copolymer emulsion for PVC/ PET / BOPP Film laminated carton sealing, varnished and UV cured Varnished cartons sealing (manually/machine)
12. Shreecryl SS-500
For the manufacture of high pigment loaded tapes like BOPP/PVC/PET/CELLOPHONE/PAPER/alu where permanent tack and high peel strength, varnish resistance & opacity are essential.
13. Shreecryl SS-909
The UV resistant product is developed, for long life sun-control films.
14. Shreecryl SS-999
For the manufacture of tapes like BOPP/PVC/PET/CELLOPHONE/PAPER/alu where permanent tack and high peel strength are essential.
15. Shreevyl N-50 (PBT)
Specially formulated faster drying high adhesion value based giant wooden crate ( Wood / Thermocol, Wood/Soft Board) for sheet/ flat glass packing, composite container, paper cones, plane carton sealing on high speed machines furniture.
16. Shreecral HL-45
Packing corrugated boxes and in packing fruits and other eatables which are exported to European countries where pinning is not allowed.
17. Shreevyl N-50
Composite containers, textiles & leather finishing, Al/ Paper, Paper cones
18. Shreevyl SC-70
For Cigarette side pasting /cigarette cork tiiping and textile finishing.
19. Shreevyl LM-225
1. Latest product developed for sanitary napkin industry for fiber to film bonding non-toxic, non irritant.
2. For manufacture of cartons (big commercial/CFC) on high speed machine, glue fed through fine nozzles.
20. Shreevyl CP-45
PVC/Cork wads.
21. Shreesyn Resin SL-90
Stock labels manufacturing.
22. Shreevyl LM-50 / SP-50 MLV
Carton sealing, Varnished & Waxed Carton Sealing on high speed machine
23. Shreecral SS-545  
24. Shreevyl JL-545
Copolymer emulsion for PVC/PET/BOPP/Film Laminated, PET/Glass Bottle Labelling/Carton Sealing , UV curved varnished cartons,Waxed carton Sealing, Matt BOPP carton sealing
25. Shreecryl SS-509
26. Shreecryl SS-507
27. Shreecryl PF-45
Acrylic Copolymer for Protection Film Manufacture
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